PFAU is sensitive to the specialized academic needs of second language learners. Approximately 50% of our clients are non-native English speakers. We understand that ESL students need specialized help with grammar, spelling, and syntax that native speakers may not require, as well as assistance understanding and integrating into North American academic and professional environments.


  • reading comprehension
  • written composition
  • oral presentation and listening skills

We offer both in-person and Skype tutoring.


gu family“Since I’m of Chinese origin, but have lived in Japan for 10 years, I know that the most challenging aspect of communicating in different environments is not the language, but the culture.  I met Ms. Pfau in Dalian, China, where she taught cross-cultural communication skills to the staff in my multinational software company.  Ms. Pfau is both professional and interesting.  My staff’s English level and understanding of cultural differences between East and West improved a lot.  It was also very helpful that Ms. Pfau speaks very good Mandarin and was able to accommodate my staff’s limited English skills. Most notably, Ms. Pfau taught us not only grammar and vocabulary, but also the importance of cultural context.

Because of Ms. Pfau’s ability to teach both language and culture, after her return to North American in the Fall of 2011, I continued to take lesson with Lisa using Skype.  These lessons allowed me to maintain and improve my English level, especially listening comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, and proper word/phrase usage. In 2013, Lisa also began to teach my wife and five year old daughter English too.  We have continued these lessons now for four years. As a result, if someone speaks English to me or my wife, we can reply immediately with confidence.” ~ Mike, CEO Wintell Software (Dalian, China & Tokyo, Japan)

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