“I just wanted to let you know that my thesis is accepted from the committee. I really appreciate your help and time to finalize this work. I am also going to start my PhD at York University in September 2014.” ~Abdullah Taha, Masters of Engineering, Ryerson University 


“I wanted to thank you for all your help with Ryan this year, he says any of the essays you edited for him would have received a 90% in high school. (I told him there is a much higher standard in university) Thanks again and have a nice summer!” ~ Parent of University of Toronto first-year student 


Christina“I met Lisa in 2011 as we were fellow students of Mandarin Chinese and ESL instructors in Dalian China. She was known as professional and knowledgeable teacher and tutor and a diligent student. More recently she has provided editing services for professional job application document. She is dependable, efficient, and professional.” ~ Christina Zielke, AB International Studies/ BA Geography; Peace Corps Volunteer 


“Based on my observation, Lisa Pfau is an excellent reader. She has a critical mind and always maintains her objective stance. She will be able to give an intelligent outsider’s view and asks challenging questions that can alert the indulged writer. She is reliable and efficient.” ~ Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta 


“We just wanted to say thank you for your help, Lisa. Both of us have seen great improvements in our work and grades. We have received some of our marks back and they are in the high B and A range. We are definitely satisfied and thrilled with the work you are doing with us. We both like how you continue to show us where our sentence structure needs improvement and point out where our weakest arguments are.” ~ Editing Clients, York University 


“When I was preparing for my MBA application, I asked Lisa to help me with essay preparation and editing.  Lisa was a great help and I was impressed by her professionalism.  She first pointed out that my essay writings were too general and vague that they needed to better reflect my qualifications and personality. By suggesting MBA essay preparation books and discussing the “shining” moments of my career and personal life, I have a completely new grasp of what MBA essays are truly about.  She definitely helped me realize my potential. Even though I did not end up applying for the program due to a new work assignment, I would definitely consider asking Lisa for help with my writing in the future.” ~ Jiheng Sang, University of Toronto 


“I first approached Lisa to proofread my thesis in early August, but unfortunately, she was on vacation. Shortly afterwards, I had a bad experience with another editor who charged a lot for the task, so when I wanted to revise a funding application on September I thought of Lisa again.  Honestly, I found that all the nice comments on her webpage are true. Lisa is not just a normal editor who revises and gives comments on your documents only, she attempts to understand your work and propose ways to improve the content itself as well. I really liked the “two-stage” revision that she proposed, which would allow me to integrate the changes she suggested and have her proofread for grammar and spelling and clarify a second time.  Through her comments and our email communications, I could clearly feel Lisa’s passion for her work and business.  Thank you, Lisa!” ~ PhD Engineering, Ryerson University 


“I asked Lisa to proofread and polish up my Ph.D dissertation. Lisa did a terrific job improving the flow and readability of the dissertation.  Even though I can express my ideas in simple English, I sometimes struggle with articles, tenses, and prepositions.  Lisa patiently checked an over 200 page thesis word by word; making both corrections in grammar and general smoothness.

Although Lisa’s background is not in Science and Engineering, she conveyed a thorough understanding of the vocabulary and requirements for academic papers.  When she was unsure, she would to ask for clarification in order to ensure that her corrections were contributing to the best way to deliver thoughts and ideas.

I recommend her proofreading services to any academic, in particular, to scholars in Science and Engineering who need help polishing up their technical reports and journal articles.” ~ Professor Zhang, Ryerson University 


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa since 2004. She has always been a helpful friend and teacher.  In 2006, she has helped me with my successful application to the summer school of the London School of Economics. Then, last year (2009), when I applied for an LL.M. program in the United States, Lisa read through my application materials and personal statement and gave me invaluable feedback. Her suggestions on content were professional, honest and straightforward.  It was a tremendous help and allowed me to reshape my statement into a more persuasive and effective one. Lisa has also provided special help related to the use of the English language, including editing my writing and providing comments on my choices of words and style, as well as, some critical comments related to content while writing my L.L.M. thesis at Harvard. I will always be grateful to have her as my research and writing advisor.  She has done this job better than anyone I have known so far, due to her deep understanding of the application process and writing requirements for North American universities.” ~ Editing Client, LL.M. Harvard Law School & Current Professor Law in Bangkok, Thailand 


“About two months ago I was writing an experience summary for my Professional Engineer license application. Lisa has been a long time friend and I have always heard good feedback about her editing and proofreading services.  It was actually the first time I asked her to help me out even though we known each other for years. I was surprised by both of her attitude and the quality of her editions.  Even though she has no engineering background, by asking follow up questions she was able to understand the context and content of the summary.  Her effort helped me to better get my idea across. Lisa is reliable.  She delivers her work on time and provides sound advice.  I think my English writing has also improved since she pointed out some of the common mistakes I used to make.  I would definitely recommend Lisa to others.” ~ James, Process Engineer 


“It was an amazing experience working with Lisa on my personal statement.  Not only is she very professional and knows what she is doing, but she was very patient and was able to know exactly what I needed to make my statement perfect!!  I felt like she understood me and wanted me to really do the best I could on my statement.  I would hire her again in the future and would definitely recommend her to my friends.  Her price is reasonable considering all the time and effort she puts into each statement.  She is the type of person that is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the extra attention to complete an excellent paper.

Thank you Lisa for making my statement stand out and helping me with this process!  I wouldn’t have gotten into my program of choice without you.” ~ Claudia, San Francisco, California 


“I greatly want to thank Hangtian & Lisa for their overwhelming assistance with preparing and editing my entry essays to seven American MBA programs.  Throughout the entire process, they were both diligent and incredibly patient with me as I drafted my essays.  Even after changing my essays many times, they pushed me to continue making small alterations in order to have the perfect essay.

Their greatest assistance was with helping me express my life experiences as strong points for my MBA applications.  They showed me what I had incorrectly thought of as being normal business experiences were actually unique and advantageous points that my business schools were looking for.  Furthermore they spent the time to explain the good points, bad points, and culture of all seven schools to me such that I could better tailor each of my individual applications.  Hangtian & Lisa’s mentoring was key to my application’s success.” ~ Laura Tao, China 


“Lisa Pfau is a person that sees the areas that need improvement in your professional writing and fixes them. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa since 2004, and since then she’s helped me numerous times. She’s looked through my resume and cover letters and gave me some invaluable suggestions that resulted in a couple of interviews. Aside from looking through my work she has also provided links to sites that showed me different templates and ways to improve my presentations. She has worked abroad and has acquired much knowledge through her travels and the people that she has helped. She is a person to go to if you are looking for valuable advice when it comes to selling yourself, improving your grades, or cleaning up your work.  Aside from that, she has an inquisitive mind and is a person that gives it her best every-time she takes on a task.” ~ Armando, Los Angeles, California 


“For many undergraduate student, the task of applying for graduate school is an incredibly stressful process. Included in the lengthy application package there is something called personal statement. These two page document is seemingly short, yet it is probably the most common source of all the stress. It can be very helpful when you have someone else to read over this document for you for things like grammar, sentence structures and logical flows. I have spent numerous hours on this short document yet it was still far from perfect. The ironic truth is that more time you spend on it, the more biased your writing becomes. Lisa helped me immensely by providing an unbiased and logical correction to my writing, adding a new definition to my existing theme. The product retained all of the points I wanted to mention, but presented them in a better fashion. I have recommend Lisa to a friend of mine in Boston, and I would be confident to recommend her work to many others.” ~ Mu-Qing Huang, M.Sc., University of Toronto 


“Lisa and Hangtian picked out my best stories for my application with of their experience in MBA application, dedication and attention to details. With their expertise and advice I saved a lot of time. Fitting someone’s life into a couple of thousands of words is an art and a deliberate process, Lisa and Hangtian was extremely helpful in turning my stories into an impactful package for me.” ~ Peter Zhang, MBA Applicant Harvard Business 2+2 


“Because English is my second language, and at the same time, I need to write in professional manner, so language support is very important for me.  Fortunately I have received Lisa Pfau’s expert help, such as editing my cover letter. After Lisa’s editing, my cover letter becomes more attractive, and get more response. I also learned from Lisa’s editing regarding grammar and expressing skill.” ~ Jianghe Niu, University of Ottawa, Ph.D.; Harvard University, Post-Doctoral Fellow 


“It was great pleasure to find Lisa to edit my personal statement. I was applying for 2011 medical residency programs in the US from Toronto. I know it is very competitive and wanted to make sure that everything was fine before sending out my application. Lisa read my CV and personal statement carefully and made a great effort to research the programs I was applying for. I was very pleased to see the finalized version of my personal statement: professional, persuasive, passionate and tapered to the program. Thank Lisa for your invaluable help. I would highly recommend Lisa to any one without hesitation.” ~ Cheng