“Я бы зарекомендовала Лизу как прекрасного репетитора, потому что она профессионал своего дела и у нее есть харизма. Ей нравится собственная работа и она помогаеProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetт студентам не только с письменными работами, но и предлагает свои идеи по поводу них. Считаю , что мне очень повезло найти Лизу. Я международный студент и эссе для меня в новинку. Я надеюсь, что мы с Лизой еще встретимся в будущем и будем продолжать работать. Она очень умная и имеет хорошую квалификацию.”

“I would recommend Lisa as a perfect tutor because of her professionalism and charisma. She is very fond of her job and always tries to help her students not only with their writing, but also with their ideas. I was very lucky to find Lisa, as I am international student and essays are kind of new for me. I hope that we will work together again in future. She is very skilled and intelligent.”  ~ Diana, University of Toronto, Comparative Literature Major


“Lisa’s tutoring is very effective. Her explanations are also very valuable. She is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and patient tutor. In each session, we discussed interesting topics, so that time flew by. I really enjoy reading novels, so Lisa recommended many good books and taught me how to write a book review. I greatly appreciate the help she has given me and recommend her to other students.” ~ Wiebke,  PhD Microbiology & Researcher at Sunnybrook, Toronto, ON 


“Since I was bogu zhenrn in China, but have lived in Japan for 10 years, I know that the most challenging aspect of communication in different environments is not language, but culture.  Ms. Pfau taught my software company staff in Dalian, China cross-cultural communication.  She was both professional and interesting.  My staff’s English grammar, pronunciation, and ability to understand cultural differences improved a lot, especially since Lisa was able to explain things in Mandarin when they were really struggling.

After Lisa returned to North American in September 2011, I continued weekly online lessons with her and now my wife is also learning with her.  Sometimes, she even chats with our daughter for a few minutes and gets her to practice a few simple phrases.  These lessons allow me to maintain my English level, especially listening comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, and proper word/phrase usage.  Now, when someone speaks English to me, I can reply immediately with confidence.” ~ Gu Zhen, Tokyo, Japan 


“One of the best things about my learning experience in Toronto has been my English lessons with Lisa because she is very professional and dedicated. I’ve made great progress in little time.

She gave me varied, interesting, and instructive lessons.   Lisa combined practical didactic material with grammar and interesting exercises that help me to assimilate the new knowledge. It was very important for me because I had the opportunity, not just to build sentences in writing but also to use them in specific technical speaking.

In short, I recommend Lisa to everyone who wishes to experience good English language learning.” ~ Marita, ESL Client, Toronto 


“Overall, I was impressed with Lisa’s enthusiastic and amicable attitude, and her dedication and diligence towards tackling assignments.  In the Mandarin-speaking women’s group, Lisa and I worked on a cultural education project, which entailed a four-part seminar series regarding cross-cultural integration.  Some topics covered were education systems and styles, social customs and food, personal space and boundaries, and social values and community awareness. Her creative seminars were not only innovative and entertaining, but also astonishingly effective. Furthermore, her rich life experience and insightfulness make her both an inspirational and a motivational speaker.” ~ Tina Cai, Chinese-Speakers Program Coordinator at Sistering