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“I would recommend Lisa as a perfect tutor because of her professionalism and charisma. She is very fond of her job and always tries to help her students, not only with their writing, but also with their ideas. I was very lucky to find Lisa, as I am international student and essays are kind of new for me. I hope that we will work together again in future. She is very skilled and intelligent.”  ~ Diana, University of Toronto, International Affairs 


I would like to start of by stating that Lisa is a great writing assistant, who does her job at a high standard. Her help prevailed me to attain high marks in my written assignments. Albeit her professionalism in writing, she is also a great editor, and knows exactly how to make your assignment be of a high result. ~ Timur, University of Toronto, Political Science & History


Lisa has guided and molded the last three years of my studies at the University of Toronto. She has helped me look at and understand my assignments from a new perspective. She has helped me improve in many areas of my writing such as coherence, flow, focus and attention to detail. Lisa is a delightful individual to study with and takes care of her students. I would definitely work with Lisa in the future and wish further success to her and all her students. Thank you for the helping me expand my skills and complete my undergraduate degree!” ~ Ken Yu, University of Toronto, Graduated with B.A. in Sociology and East Asian Studies 


“Lisa is an excellent tutor and lifesaver for me. She does not only correct the grammar mistakes Elaine-UofT-croppedfor me, but also provides me with great ideas for my essay. She is very professional, and really teaches me how to write papers. I can definitely feel my improvement after working with her. She is familiar with Chinese culture, which is very helpful, so that I feel very easy and relaxed communicating with her. She is even able to help me in a limited time when I have assignments due soon. Thanks for her patienceand intelligence.

I am addicted to her now, and cannot image my life without her help! I would recommend her to everyone who needs help. I look forward to working with her again next year. =)” ~ Elaine, University of Toronto, Business 


“Lisa helped me with my Grade 11 and 12 English courses. She is extremely knowledgeable, which makes her a vital part of any essay writing process. With her help I was able to quickly expand my writing style and diction and completed Grade 12 English with a final grade of 95%.” ~ Scott, Toronto high school student, currently studying at Queen’s University


“I would definitely recommend Lisa as a tutor! She cares about her students very much and is very patient and tolerant about various questions. During the lessons, she understands my meaning and ideas right away despite Angel 2014me having a hard time explaining myself. In addition, she is willing to share her resources when students need them, and they are not just academic resources. For instance, I mentioned to her that I was interested in going to Law School, so she immediately recommended a list of lawyer friends to me and arranged for me to do a number of informational interviews. She not only helps with my academic study, but also provides me with resources to help me to be better prepared for adult life.  I had a really good time with Lisa, and I will continue work with Lisa next year.” ~ Angel, University of Toronto, Communications/Media & International Relations


“Going into first year at university can be a challenging time and without the proper help it can become overwhelming. Lisa helped improve my essay writing skills throughout the year and took the time and effort to assist me in achieving higher grades. It is unique to find a tutor that truly cares about her students as much as she does and who is just as happy when you receive a good grade as you are.” ~ Ryan, University of Toronto, 1st Year Arts student 


“Lisa has only been my tutor for only a short amount of time, even though my writing and knowledge has increased greatly.  She explains things clearly and encourages me to have no limit in my ideas.  The way Lisa is eager to answer my questions tells me that she is passionate about her job. I recommend her to EVERYONE who wants to improve their reading and writing skills.” ~ Grade 6 student


“Lisa is an engaging teacher. She has helped me in my writing this year. She has taught me how to organize my thoughts easily and also helped me in structure my writing. Lisa has made each lesson memorable, engaging, and fun. Whenever I write something, my ideas come to me naturally. I know longer have to wait to think of my ideas. This has truly helped me in my writing during school or just free writing.” ~ Grade 8 student 


“In my personal experience, tutoring is often assumed to be for individuals who are ‘slow learners’ or those unable to grasp the requisite information in a standard classroom setting. In my case, I had no problems in these areas. I came to Lisa performing well on exams, and easily able to grasp the information in lecture/readings. However, my problem was in my written communication skills. I struggled to articulate complex ideas succinctly and clearly. Lisa helped me to save time in situations where I had multiple papers due by teaching me how to better organize my ideas and learn that sometimes less is more. Lisa also provided me with critical comments that helped me to improve my grades and overall self-expression. Lisa was very flexible and available, and could really be counted on to be there in my most stressful periods. Moreover, Lisa is also extremely generous in reaching out to contacts she may have to help you achieve your academic and career goals. Suffice to say, the services Lisa provides should be pigeonholed into ESL and writing help, but applies to students of all levels who are looking for a mentor to help them to better navigate the university system. ~ University of Toronto, Graduated with BA in Criminology and Sociology


“Lisa helped me tremendously with my university papers during my first year at UofT. As a mature student, I was initially a bit lost with the whole writing process, but with her guidance, I was able to further develop my thesis, be more concise, and improve my organization skills. She pinpointed my weaknesses and helped me come up with strategies for editing and revising my papers. With her experience and insight, I was able to improve my academic writing skills impressively. Due to her wonderful skill set, I have continued with her over the course of my degree and now am an A+ student. Thank you Lisa!”  ~ Libby, University of Toronto, 4th Year Health Sciences student


“I really like the fact that we are able to express our thoughts in class with Lisa.” ~ Essay Writing student

“The course was very interesting. Lisa is a very good instructor. I like the course because every time she teaches us we can present and learn a new vocabulary word.” ~ Creative Writing student

“I liked the part where we wrote a book report about our favourite book.” ~ Pre-Essay Writing student

“I finally learned how to write an essay properly.” ~ Essay Writing Student

“I think this course was very fun and expanded my knowledge.” ~ Essay Writing student


bob“Since I started my lesson with Lisa, my grades improved from 50%-60% (C-) to 78%-88% (B+/A). She is not only a great tutor who edits my papers very well, but she is also a great teacher.

First, she has broadened my thoughts on writing. She taught me how to do research and organize my thoughts into an essay outline.  She also taught me to start early and develop my ideas over time.

Second, she helped me a lot with thesis development. As we know, a good paper must have a good thesis. Lisa not only teaches you what a thesis should be in your area, but she tells you how to concentrate on a specific issue in order to have a deep and specific thesis.

Third, she encourages you to be creative and thoughtful in your writing. With her help, you will never be at a lack for ideas, which means your paper will be vivid and way beyond other dry boring papers.

I can guarantee you that you will have a totally new vision about your own writing if you study with Lisa.” ~ B. Zhang, University of Toronto, Graduated with BA in Political Science and Criminology


“Thanks for your constant encouragement and support.  I appreciated it very much and I know it has sparked in Elijah a vision as well.” ~Parent of Grade 10 Essay Writing Client, Berkeley High School, USA


“Thanks for all your help, Lisa.  You’re a great tutor.  You know exactly how to push me to do my work (ie. you gave me mini-deadlines to make sure I start my work earlier than I normally would).  In addition, you helped me to understand how to write good essays by making strong arguments and backing those arguments up with evidence.  Even though it is going to take me some time to excel in writing, I feel that you are giving me a great foundation to get there.” ~ Writing Client, University of Toronto, Graduated with BA 


“I had a positive experience with Lisa’s tutorial services. I’ve had tutors before and what she provides is more tailored to my specific needs. Her help with writing gave me the confidence to complete my courses properly. I specifically like her strong writing ability, orientation around the main goals, and knowing how to get from point A to point B.  I thought some aspects, like the editing, were particularly helpful.  Her experience and skills as a writer really show in this area compared to other tutors.

The tutoring helped me overall by making it clear to me areas where I need to improve.  The explanations are also very easy to understand and never gibberish. Although it takes time, I appreciate Lisa’s attention to detail and concern over ensuring I truly understood what I was doing and studying.” ~ Kenny, University of Toronto, Graduated with BA


asta“If the objective is to achieve clarity and brevity in writing and editing, Lisa Pfau is a specialist.  As I am easily distracted, a structured routine was created in order to help me succeed.  Her open-mind, ability to assess without judgement, and problem solving skills helped me to overcome my writing anxieties.  She made great efforts to listen to and understand my own individual needs and goals.  Lisa also helped to polish off my writing by improving language, checking evidence, revising structure, format, and organization, and removing all grammar and typing errors.  She helped me to eventually achieve coherence, appropriateness, and accuracy in my writing.

Lisa possesses excellent editing and critical thinking skills.  She is attentive to details and has respect for her students’ opinions without imposing her own point of view.  I saw rationality and thoroughness in her comments and valued her ability to justify them tactfully.” ~ Asta, Toronto, Mature Student


“I found Lisa on an online the website ‘more tutors’.  She is the best tutor I have had so far at UofT.  Lisa is very organized, yet flexible when it comes to writing help and schedule.  What I liked most about Lisa was her sensitivity to my learning disability.  When I was stressed, she helped me to calm down.  She is very funny and kind.  She is reliable and gets the job done.  She worked with my strengths and gave me confidence in my own writing skills.  Without Lisa I think I would have failed Anthropology.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for an essay writing tutor.” ~ Magno, University of Toronto


“I am very fortunate to have known Lisa for the last six years. I met Lisa in 2006 when she assisted me with a major Grade 12 book report that involved a high percentage of my mark. My assignment was on a book named Fifth Business, which at the time Lisa had never read. She showed true commitment when she took the time to read the entire book in order to further assist and enhance my essay. She was instrumental in enhancing my writing skills and preparing me for University.

Lisa has assisted me throughout my University career with mainly the Arts and Science courses. Her excellent essay writing and research experience contributed towards my high marks in these courses, including an 87% on my final essay at the University of Toronto, the highest essay grade of my academic career. She was disciplined and was flexible with her time. She was sensitive to my needs and was very accommodating to my schedule.

Lisa is very professional, patient and committed to helping with your studies. 
She is very good with people and provides positive feedback on your ideas and encourages you to do well. 
My good writing skills are a result of Lisa’s guidance & direction. I am a better writer because of Lisa.

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone that requires tutoring, specifically essay writing.” ~ Michael, University of Toronto, Graduated with B.Sc. in Engineering


“I was a new university student who was desperate to maintain a full time status in order to maintain a scholarship and had very few courses to choose from. An Academic Advisor convinced me to take second year Introduction to International Relations (IR) with no previous experience, at all. I was lost the very first day. Towards the end of the year my TA suggested I get a tutor or fail and my peers were directing me to the learning disability center…instead… I chose to see Lisa Pfau. Lisa was one of four tutors my TA had contacted. I chose her because she was the only graduate out of the four that gave me full respect and included a resume and brief background information. This was the best decision I have made in a long time.michelle

Lisa impressed me with her sharp multi-tasking skills and her knowledge in the political science field. Lisa helped me understand International Relations in a way that the Professor could not explain; she also managed to make it humorous at the same time. She was able to explain International Relations at a level that was best suited and at the same time she instructed me on how to write a briefing paper, while under a very strict deadline. I improved so much, thanks to Lisa, my TA took the time to stop me in the hall way to mention how much she enjoyed reading my briefing paper and informed me that out of the 200 students I was her most improved student. I was almost in tears! I was very happy with my overall passing grade. I owe it all to Lisa!

Hiring Lisa Pfau was the best decision and investment I have ever made. She really cared about my well being and always maintained continuous contact and provided helpful recommendations. I was once scared of political science IR, however, the knowledge I gained from Lisa was explained in such a way that I am no longer afraid to take another political science course again, in fact, I just might do that.” ~ Michelle Rovere, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Psychology


“I am writing to let you know that I did great on my final essay and I would like to thank you for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. You encouraged me in each of our tutorial sessions. My writing and analytical skills improved because of your teaching method. I really appreciated your dedication, patience, and your excellent suggestions. You are a great teacher!” ~ Natalia E. Dreesen, University of Toronto, Mature Student, Graduated with BA


“I was studying with Lisa for my two political science tests. That experience is worth for me a lot. I’m an international student and that subject required a lot of terminology and other difficult English words. That two points made my life very difficult BUT Lisa had helped me not only to increase my mark…I also received a historic facts about Canada, had learned how different political systems work in different countries, and, finally, I become smarter:) I cannot say that lessons with Lisa were boring; they were pretty funny as long as they were informative for me.

I’m glad that I had met Lisa and thankful for her help.

Good luck with your own test and exams!” ~ Maxim Perevoshchikov, University of Toronto, Graduated from Rotman School of Management